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Geno2pheno [gag]

  This is the new service geno2pheno[gag]. Although we did several test-runs, we cannot guarantee for perfect stability at the moment. In case you observe any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us ( Due to HIV Gag's sequence structure, the alignment is suboptimal in a few cases. We are working to improve this. Please check the alignment for errors.

On submitting below a sequence containing the HIV-1 Gag gene, you will obtain a sequence alignment to the reference strain HXB2 and a list of positions associated to cleavage-site mutations or bevirimat resistance mutations.

1. Identifier (optional)
Do not use patient names!
2. Sequence containing the gag gene: upload from file (plain sequence or FASTA format):

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You will make prediction № 2865. Service started February 1, 2008.